Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baseball Guys are Golf Guys?

I always kind of wondered why baseball guys are almost always golf guys too.  My dad is a baseball guy.  If you have read this blog in the past you know his resume.  When I was young I chalked it up to my dad being a Doctor and it is definitely a rarity to find a Doctor who isn't a golf guy.  But as I got older I learned that it may not have been his Doctor background behind his golf.  More and more ballplayers I saw also played golf.  Case in point: Roger Dorn.  In Major League, Dorn shows up to spring training wearing golf attire and carrying his golf bag not his bat bag.  I remember as a kid Mark McGwire playing golf in some pro-am tournaments.  When I got to college, almost every guy on my team played golf on off days.  And now after college all of the Baseball Alumni get-togethers invariably involve a golf outing.

As a youngster, I played Pony baseball but wasn't one of the all-star type players.  I was a soft-hitting first baseman with a decent glove.  But my dad was a member of Moraga Valley Country Club and I spent much of my summers hanging around the driving range, scrounging remnants of buckets, and looking for pickup games on the putting green.  When I was decent enough I joined the club Golf Team for kids my age.  I played a lot.  When the family went to SunRiver on vacation we spent most of our time playing golf during the day and then sneaking onto the hole behind the condo we rented after the last group and gone by and played the same hole over and over until it was too dark to find my ball.  But when I got to college I stopped playing.  My clubs didn't make the trip with me to Ann Arbor, and I got off my game.  I played a few rounds on the U of M course when my dad would come to visit but I haven't set foot on a course in probably 8 years.

I am moving.  I am buying a house and i realized tonight that less that a mile from new house is a public course that is on my way home from work.  I have my clubs, ill-fitting as they may be, and a new set of golf shoes.  The fact that I had to ditch my metal golf spikes because since the last time I played metal spikes have been all but banned on most courses.  So I am gonna start playing golf again this summer.  Who knows, maybe I will find that in my older age, I have more patience and my swing will have slowed down enough to keep me on the fairway.  Wish me luck.  My goal for this summer is to play enough to set a handicap and then maybe I can show up for next years Baseball Alumni Golf Outing and not make a total fool of myself.


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